Vonage Apis are now available for Convertigo Low Code / No Code apps !

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Vonage APIs are known as a reference in terms of communication features in mobile applications, but it has always been intended for “Pro Code”, this means that every developer who wanted to integrate a Vonage feature had to develop it “from scratch”. But this has changed now ! Convertigo is one of the first open source Low Code / No Code platform to provide Vonage Apis, which allow to add videoconference, instant messaging, or voicecalls into your applications.

Looking to the high demand from enterprises for messaging and conferencing features (especially since the Covid-19 crisis), being able to integrate it in a few lines for Low Code apps or without writing a single line for No Code apps is a real improvement for Convertigo users but for Vonage also who extend their reach possibilities.

Low Code and No Code platforms are more and more used in enterprises to develop mobile or web applications faster, for a reduced cost. Integrate APIs as simply is a real advantage compared to the all development process to make it work in “Pro Code”.

How to integrate it ?

To go into more technical details, vonage APIs are integrated into the Convertigo platform as a Library. The library provides all the sequences you can use in your back end- flows to send messages to Messenger ou SMS. The library also provides Mobile Builder Shared components you can use in your Front-End apps. To help getting started you can explore the sample app showing how to integrate video conferencing in your Mobile or Desktop app.

Get started by importing in your Convertigo Studio the lib_Vonage project

  • Use File->Import->Convertigo->Convertigo project and click “Next”
  • Type in the “Project remote URL” field :
  • Click the “Finish” button

→ Have a look at the https://github.com/convertigo/c8oprj-lib-vonage#lib_vonage documentation

Click here to download Convertigo Studio

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