New tool to count user peek sessions

A new tool to show on a given period of time what is the number of user sessions used by mobile and desktop users.

Display user session history on a given period of time with a simple Convertigo app, by Gregory Vorbe

Session Counter Tool

As Convertigo SE and EE Licensing can be based on concurrent sessions, it is important to know what is the peek sessions number and at what time this occurred. This tool will show this easily.

The tool is packaged as a simple Convertigo project you can deploy a Convertigo Server. The tool works by parsing the engine.log files and by counting all the "http session starting" and "http session stopped" events found in the logs. So, to use the tool you must be sure that the log level was set to a correct value during the target period of time.

This can be done with admin console:

Set the "Context" logger to "DEBUG"

Then, you can deploy the "Sessions.CAR" project to the server with admin console. The sessionCounter.CAR project can be downloaded from here:


And deployed to the target sever. Then, you can then launch the application with this URL :

http://<your convertigo server name or ip>/convertigo/projects/sessionCounter/DisplayObjects/app.html

Choose a Start date (And Set the time also) and an end date (If no end date is specified the current date and time will be assumed) and click the "Count" Button. The app will parse the logs and display:

  • The number of Events
  • The Peek Sessions on the period
  • The number of "unclosed sessions" thus, the current sessions
  • A Graph representing the sessions number by date and time


This tool can help you to be sure that your current session licensing is correct for your usage.

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