Hello everyone. In the first lesson we created an application. In this tutorial we will learn how to change styles.

First, access folder « Styles », Double-click on object « Style » to display Style sheet.


I’ve drag the Style tab to the center window in order to see the style sheet and the application viewer at the same time. In this window, we can change numerous things, just as the Style in CSS.

For example, I want to change the background color : type background-color (or you can just type « back » then Ctrl+Space or Cmd+Space on Mac to see proposals)Hit Ctrl+Space again to see every colors available


Save it by Ctrl+S then your application will automatically change the background color.


Similarly, you can customize your background size, set image as background, etc. by some simple lines.



You can even customize the setting of the color system by using Theme object to modify the color code


Convertigo Studio give you a fullpower for anything you want to do with CSS. It requires some knowledges about CSS but you will find lots of information about it on internet.In the next tutorial we will learn how to modify and add objects to application.

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