Convertigo Studio: Getting Started


Hello! This tutorial will show you how to quickstart the Convertigo Studio and to understand its features.

Getting new project

Click File/New+Project. Choose Mobile Application project/Next


Fille the Project's name (MyFirsProject for example)/Finish. There will be here some dialog box for the project template

The MyFirstProject is now displayed. Click on the arrows to show MobileApplication / Application then double-click on it. We will see the application viewer loading on the right panel.


The process of downloading & installing all the dependencies from the network will last for about 1 minute or more, depending on the bandwidth of the network and on how powerful your PC is. You’ll see the running progress details on the Engine Log tab below. This process will happen only for the first time, don’t worry.

Customize your view

The application is now running. To have a better view, you can customize the panels by dragging its borders.


To change the viewer to fit differrent devices, click the arrow next to the cellphone icon at the top-left corner of the viewer. Here ou can switch anytime you want between Android phones, iPhones, iPads, or no canvas at all.


You can change the orientation view to horizontal or vertical by clicking the (1) icon. Also, the magnifiers (2) allow us to zoom in / zoom out. Click the (3) icon to open the viewer in the external browser.

You can customize the size and name of your own device (4). Click the cellphone icon to toggle on/off the device bar. Your deivce size will appear on the list with other devices on the picture above. You can delete it anytime with the delete icon (5).


That’s all for the beginning. On the next session we’ll learn how to create an application with Convertigo Studio. Thank you for watching.