New tool to prepare pre-built FullSync databases

New tool to prepare pre-built FullSync databases

In some applications, dealing with large databases, initial replication time can be time consuming and use lots of CPU resources. The idea is to prepare pre-built databases that can be downloaded as Bulk Data, installed on the device and have the mobile app using it directly.

This can now be handled by a new Convertigo feature available for Native Applications only (At this time)The feature is based on 2 components:

  • A new SDK implementing a new fs://<data_base>.download_bulk verb
  • An offline database preparation tool called PreparePreBuiltDatabase.jar.

The SDK can be used in your apps by just upgrading your gradle buildcompile 'com.convertigo.sdk:c8oSDKAndroid:2.1.3'SDK now Supports a new verb as in the following sample

c8o = new C8o(getApplicationContext(), "");


"databaseZipFile", ""

).then(new C8oOnResponse<JSONObject>() {


public C8oPromise<JSONObject> run(JSONObject response, Map parameters) throws Throwable {


"continuous", true));



This code launches the download of a prebuilt database held in the file. The zip file has to be placed on the Convertigo server in the project specified in the endpoint (in this case, MyProject).When the download is finished, you can now start a standard replication using the .replicate_pull or the .sync verb as shown in this sample code.

PreparePreBuiltDatabase tool.

This tool is packaged as standard Java .JAR file you can run using:Java -jar PreparePreBuiltDatabase.jar.

PreparePreBuiltDatabase tool v1.0 (c) 2017 Convertigo

This tool will prepare a prebuilt mobile fullsync database you will be able to embed in your mobile apps

Or bulk download when your mobile application is started.

Usage: PreparePreBuiltDatabase Convertigo_server_endpoint fullsync_database_name ex :

PreparePreBuiltDatabase myfullsyncdatabase []

The prebuilt database will be created in the current directory.

Just give the Convertigo server endpoint ex:

And the fullsync connector you want to build the database from ex:Myfullsyncdatabase

Optionally give also the path to the output path for the database zip generated. If none, the database will be generated in the current directory.PreparePreBuiltDatabase tool integrated in a Convertigo Project.

You can also deploy easily this tool using the project. This Convertigo project integrates the preparation tool so you can use it but juts deploying it on a Convertigo server and launching a Sequence.

See for more details.

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