How to use a local / offline Convertigo Help in Studio

In this article, Elodie Eberhardt explains how to configure Convertigo Studio to use local / offline Convertigo Help.

Sometimes, you work on a Convertigo Studio installed on a computer not connected to Internet. In this case, when you open Convertigo Help (by pressing F1 key, or thanks to the menu Help > Help Contents), an error pops-up and you can not access Convertigo Documentation.

You think you will never manage to use Convertigo Studio without its wonderful documentation, and you're about to give up... But here is the solution to use a local Convertigo Help!

General idea

The Convertigo Help is delivered as a WAR file. You can install locally a Tomcat 6 application server, install the Help application inside it, and configure your Convertigo Studio to use this Help.

This manipulation requires:

  • accessing Internet to download the needed elements,
  • installation rights on your local machine.



You should download the following files:

  • Java SE 5.0 or later JRE installer, for example find latest JRE at the following URL:
  • Tomcat 6 installer, for example Tomcat 6.0.35 at the following URL:
  • Convertigo Help WAR file (convertigo-studio-help_X.Y.Z-vxxxxx.war) corresponding to your Studio version on SourceForge, for example the Convertigo 6.0.6 Help WAR file:



  • If you do not already have a Java installed, start by installing Java.
  • Then, install Tomcat application server, including Tomcat Manager.
  • Leave default port 8080, if possible and configure a User Name / Password for Tomcat Administrator, and use precedingly installed Java.
  • Then, rename the Help WAR file "convertigo-studio-help_X.Y.Z-vxxxxx.war" in "convertigo-help.war" for convenience.
  • Deploy the application on Tomcat, using the Tomcat Manager.

Configure Convertigo Studio

Now last action is to configure Convertigo Studio for it to use the Help deployed on local Tomcat application server.

To do so:

  • use menu Window > Preferences > Help > Content,
  • in the Remote Infocenters table, select the Convertigo help X.Y.Z entry and click on the Edit button,
  • fill the Host, Path, and Port inputs, and click on the OK button,
  • then, close the Preferences window by clickong on the OK button.


You can now access all Convertigo documentation in Studio Help!


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