How to disable Auto Open projects

In this Article, Olivier Picciotto explains how to disable Auto open of the demo projects occurring when you start the studio.


When you install Convertigo Studio, same sample projects are automatically opened for you to be able to run them as demos. For regular users of the studio this process takes useless time and resources and many users asked us how to disable this "AutoOpen" feature.

To do this simply follow these instructions :

  • Be sure to close any running existing Convertigo studio.
  • Open the [workspace]\projects\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.runtime\.settings directory, where [workspace] is Convertigo studio's workspace directory
  • Edit the "" file.
  • Modify the "" key. Remove any project listed for this key.
  • Save the "" file.
  • Run Convertigo Studio, the projects will still open automatically, this is normal as Eclipse remembered all previously opened projects. Just close the Studio.
  • Re open the studio, the projects should not reopen.

That's all folks.. !

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