How to use the GoogleLogin Mobile Builder component?

How to use the GoogleLogin Mobile Builder component?

Convertigo Mobile builder offers a way to authenticate users with their Google account in your Mobile application.

GoogleLogin component Setup

In your Mobile application, you may want to authenticate users by the built-in Android configured Google account (for Android devices) or directly the Google Sign-in form (iOS devices). Mobile Builder GoogleLogin component is the solution. It allows you to perform a Google authentication to retrieve some user's data. See the Convertigo component documentation here for more details on the different properties.

Configuring Google environment

For this component to work properly, you will need to setup some Google configuration using the Google API Console. First of all, connect to the Google API Console here:


Google API console

Then, create a new project. You can give it the same name as your Mobile Builder project.


New project

Add new OAuth client ID credentials for both Android and iOS platforms.


Adding OAuth 2.0 credential


OAuth 2.0 credentials list

Set the Bundle ID (iOS) and the package name (Android) to the name you set in your project (YourProject -> MobileApplication -> Application ID property or the name that has been automatically generated if property is left empty:<projectName>)

Android debug keystore:

When building your APK in debug mode, you can find the requested Signing-certificate fingerprint value by typing the following command:

keytool -list -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore

Copy the SHA1 value to the Google developers console.


Signing-certificate fingerprint command line


Signing-certificate fingerprint Google console

You can verify the certificate fingerprint in your built APK by unzipping it and execute following command:

keytool -printcert -file CERT.RSA

You have to find back the same SHA1 value.


Signing-certificate fingerprint inside APK

Android release keystore

iOS URL scheme

Copy the iOS URL scheme and create a customAction component in your project and set the Application plugins property to:

Application plugins [[cordova-plugin-googleplus, 7.0.0, {REVERSED_CLIENT_ID: '<iOS URL schema>'}]]


Client ID for iOS


Convertigo Mobile Builder project (Studio)

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