Disabling SVN console in Convertigo Consoles

In this article, Elodie Eberhardt explains how to disable SVN console from Convertigo Studio.


Problem presentation

Convertigo Studio is an Eclipse plugin. Its interface contains a Console view which displays five Convertigo consoles:

  • Engine: the Convertigo Engine output,
  • Stdout: the standard output from Java (JVM, APIs, ...),
  • Trace: the Convertigo Trace player console,
  • Debug: the console used by the Debug mode (step by step) for transactions or sequences execution,
  • Studio: the debug output of the Studio plugin.

In addition, a SVN console is added to the list and is often displayed by default in the Studio. This can be annoying when you may want to access in priority to Convertigo Engine console.

This SVN console belongs to the SVN plugin automatically delivered with Convertigo Studio.

Depending on the loading order of the different Eclipse plugins, the SVN console is often the last to be loaded and so it is displayed.


Disabling the SVN console

This annoying console can be disabled if you only want Convertigo consoles to appear in the Consoles view.

To do so:

  • use menu Window > Preferences > Team > SVN > Console,
  • uncheck the Show SVN output in the Console View checkbox,
  • and click on the OK button to apply the changes and close the Preferences window.
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