Convertigo Mobility Platform now available as Official image on Docker Hub!

Enterprise-grade Mobile Back-end as a Service (MBaaS) Platform joins the most popular open source database for easy access by the Docker community

Deploy Convertigo Mobility Server on premises or on the cloud with a few command lines!> docker pull convertigo

After almost 3 months in working on a Docker images and after several feedbacks from the Docker team, we have the pleasure to announce Convertigo Mobility Platform MBaaS is now available among the official images in the Docker Hub.

With the advent of Docker and its successful ecosystem, we have the possibility to provide a new channel to distribute Convertigo MBaaS server both in a production and in a testing environment. With Docker, Convertigo can be provided in a kind of a container without any links with the underlying operating system unless they are explicitly defined by the administrator of such a system.

The enterprise mobile community users just have to download a Docker image of Convertigo from the Docker Hub and then to run it. They can run Convertigo MBaaS Server without to be worried about the details of its installation or about its incidences on the underlying operating system as the execution of the server will be compartmented into a Docker container.

They can also replace easily a Convertigo container by another Docker container with a new version of the Convertigo Server. All is taken in charge by the Docker system which is built upon the containerization subsystem of the operating system.

Docker is also available in almost all of the available Cloud services (Amazon, App Engine, ...) so Convertigo Server can be also executed in the cloud without having to provide a dedicated distribution channel!> Learn more...