Convertigo Mobility Platform 7.5.3 is now released !

Convertigo Mobility Platform 7.5.3 is now released !

Convertigo Mobility platform 7.5.3 is now released and available for Download. Check below the release notes.

The Studio including Mobile Builder for this new version can be downloaded from here :

Convertigo MBaaS server is Also available on Docker Hub Official and Convertigo repositories. here : for automated builds or for the official image

Here are the following new features, improvements and bug fixes:


Added a new TreeView component for the Mobile Builder.
Convertigo can GZip its HTTP responses. Must be turn on through the engine configuration.
Added Piwik MATOMO support.
Added a “CloseModal” Action in the mobile palette to close opened modal pages
Added a”Tooltip” component to the mobile palette to handle tooltips for desktop applications


Added a new Heading component for the Mobile Builder where the tag can be changed (h1, h2, h3…)
The Split Step can now use a custom tagname even if the number of split is unknown.
Speed up replication of deleted documents using native SDK.
List Directory step can be sorted by date, size and name.
Added ‘Split pane layout’ property to Application object to support ion-split-pane element.
Convertigo Cache can be store in an Oracle database.
A Mobile Builder Custom Validator can access page’s variables and function through ‘this’.
Ship a minimal .gitignore for new projects to skip some temporary files to be committed in a Git repository.
Studio: Avoid Xml parser ‘content not allowed in prolog’ message to be printed in the stdout console on object right clic.
Use the latest version of Oracle OJDBC library.

BUGS (22)

Fixed, replication now works if DB contains more than 100 deleted documents.
Fixed, now the Sort Step doesn’t modify the source and make a copy.
Fixed, added contextual parameter ‘clientip’ in logs when using UrlMapper or internal requester.
Fixed, now can reorder siblings items in the project tree using DND
Fixed, no more error message when delete DBOs with children in the selection
Fixed, now we cannot create object with the same name, even with a different case, of a sibling object.
Fixed, no more file-system alert when editing Mobile Builder ‘style’ beans.
Fixed, cancelling a bean creation doesn’t set the project changed.
Fixed, no more NullPointerException with the “Reference View” when clicking on some Sequences
Fixed, no more warning in log when deploying a MobileBuilder project on a server.
Fixed, correctly update the source picker when using ‘inputVars’ step and adding new variables to a Sequence.
Fixed, exported Mobile Builder projects from Administration console are now correctly exported
Fixed, JS encoding failure for MobileBuilder projects
Fixed, the Schema view now cleans memory on refresh or on closing.
Fixed, copy/paste a Mobile Builder page now generates the full page source.
Fixed, now delete the ‘ionic_tmp’ temporary folder when a project is reloaded.
Fixed, no more startup diagnostic warning if the current user’s shell isn’t defined in /etc/passwd.
Fixed, now the ‘is a file upload’ property in variables is correctly used in Test platform.
Fixed, check Destination configuration when call a SAP JCO function and retry in case of failure.
Fixed, when a project is renamed, all Mobile Builder components using a MobileSmartSource property are updated.
Fixed, added a ‘c8oSecurity’ key in document response when Fullsync replication failed due to Convertigo ACL instead of a 403 status.
Fixed, prevents import of the ‘c8o’ Design Document in FullSync connector when using Studio’s “Import Design Document” menu

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