Convertigo MBaaS server available on Docker HUB

In this article, Dominique shows how to Install a complete Convertigo MBaaS server using docker


Convertigo MBaaS server is available on Docker HUB so you can install you own Convertigo server in a few clicks/commands

Docker presentation

Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers, by providing an additional layer of abstraction and automation of operating-system-level virtualization on Linux. Docker uses the resource isolation features of the Linux kernel such as cgroups and kernel namespaces, and a union-capable filesystem such as aufs and others to allow independent "containers" to run within a single Linux instance, avoiding the overhead of starting and maintaining virtual machines.

More information on Docker can be found here:

Installing Docker

You can install Docker on your Linux or Windows system by following this documentation

  • Tomcat with Oracle JDK Server listening on 8080 for external requests
  • MySQL server listening on 3306 for Convertigo analytics database and mobile backend SQL repository with Convertigo SQL connector
  • CouchDB server for FullSync and NoSQL backend repository with Convertigo NoSQL connector
  • Unlicensed Convertigo MBaaS server presenting Extended Edition functionalities for 30 days

Of course, you can use Docker port mapping to map the listening port to the ports of your choice. Once installed and running you will be able to add license keys to have a legal production Convertigo Server running

Running the Convertigo Docker Image

The image is on Docker hub:

  • Pull the image from Docker hub: docker pull convertigo/convertigo
  • Run the image from your container : docker run convertigo/convertigo


In conclusion, we see here that Convertigo Servers can be deployed very easily using Docker technology. This is very interesting for POCs and even for production. Convertigo is also available as Cloud AWS images and Azure images.

We hope you enjoyed this article and see you on the forum to share with us your feedbacks.

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