Convertigo mBaaS and MADP is now available on Azure Marketplace !

In this article, Dominique how you can start Convertigo on Microsoft Azure in a few clicks


Convertigo mBaaS server is available on Microsoft Azure so you can start Convertigo server in a few clicks

Start with Azure

You probably already have an Azure subscription. If this is the case, you now start your Convertigo server in a few clicks. You will benefit from all the features of Convertigo Extended Edition without having to install a server and go through complex setup

The Azure Market place will automatically bill your usage through your Azure subscription, for the virtual machine you chose plus Convertigo Extended Edition license Fees.

This is the best way to start your own Convertigo server for development, evaluation and of course production. Up to now, the only available plan is a small Convertigo EE subscription plan with 10 Maximum mobile concurrent sessions. This would serve approximatively 100 mobile devices in B2E process or up to 1000 devices for B2C processes. Other plans will be added in the future

To start with Convertigo for Azure, click this link now Start Convertigo for Azure


Click on the green "Create Virtual Machine >" button, and follow the instructions. The best machine for using this plan would be the "Standard A2"

Once the machine is provisioned, you be able to access it with your web browser with an url of this type : http://your_azure_machine_ip_or_dns_name


From there you will be able to :

  • Download Convertigo Studio to develop your projects
  • Request a PSC to link your Studio with this Convertigo Server
  • Access Convertigo Administration Console
  • Access Convertigo Test Platform

Enjoy Convertigo on Azure !

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