Convertigo and IoT

In this article, Assad shows how to configure Convertigo in order to be able to use IoT devices.


Convertigo Mobility Platforms comes with a SigFox library that lets you use data from SigFox IoT network.

The sigfox library

Convertigo provides different libraries in the Studio. You only need to create a new project and choose the project in the Libraries folder.


The lib_sigFox library provides two Sequences, DataCallBack and ErrorCallback. These Sequences signature contain all the variables needed to implement an IoT device callback, they match SigFox implementation of the data sent by their device.

In your project, you can use those signatures and add your own business logic. In our case, we will show you a sample mobile application that uses Convertigo technology and sends a push notification once the device is activated. The application then shows the device location on a google Map view.

The sampleIotSigFox Convertigo project

We will create a new Mobile application project and we will call it sampleIotSigFox. On the Server side, we will use the lib_sigFox Sequence DataCallback and implement a Push Notification step in that Sequence.

In order to be able to send push notifications, we use the Push Notification Step in Convertigo. You will find in this article : Using Convertigo Push Manager details about how to configure the Push Notification Step.

On the client side, ie the mobile application, we will use Google map API and implement it in a map.html page. In the custom.js file, we will initialize the Google object Geocoder.

Once the application is complete, we just need to configure the SigFox callback in our SigFox device manager.

SigFox Callback

In order to test our project, we now just need to activate the IoT device and we should receive a push notification on our device.

Please find the complete car project here: Note that you will have to implement your own push management.

Below are some screens of the final application.




In conclusion, we see that we can handle IoT data in an easy and efficient way with Convertigo Mobility Platform.
We hope you enjoyed this article and see you on the forum to share with us your feedbacks.

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