Convertigo 7.5.2 is now released

New Convertigo 7.5.2 is now released!

Olivier Picciotto explains the new features and enhancements this version brings in.

At Convertigo, we are proud to present this new release of the Convertigo Mobility Platform. Find below a list of enhancements we provide for this new version:

  • We added an Event subscribe/ publish mechanisme based on the standard Ionic event engine for notifying from one page to another. This is very useful for notifying a page from a popup window for example. See the PublishEvent and the Subscribe-Handler for documentation
  • Animations are fun to use! We added a whole bunch of animation capabilities to Convertigo Mobile Builder so that you can animate your pages and components in a few clicks. Animations can be automatically triggered when a component is displayed on a page (See Animation attribute, or triggered by an event (See : Animate Action)
  • You can now use "import * as module ... " in CustomAction "page import" property. This is useful for importing plain JS code in your Mobile Builder projects.
  • It is now possible to set the 'item position' property on an icon defined in page for Menu (Left or Right)
  • In previous versions menus were not fully customizable. You can now use Forms, actions and anything you would use in standard page in menus. This gives the full power to dynamically display menu items in your apps.
  • We enhanced error handling in the Studio if your project is bound to an unexistent template. Now, a clean error message will appear.
  • Convertigo FullSync is now compatible and qualified with CouchDB 2.11 (And of course CouchDB 1.61) This brings the full power of CouchDB Clustering to your FullSync projects. Clustering enhances performance (As multiple CouchDB instances can handle requests) and reliability (as databases can be spread and replicated among multiple instances).
  • As a small enhancement, we added a button "Clear" to the search edit in the mobile palette
  • Also, we added 'CanEnter' and 'CanLeave', page's lifecycle event for Mobile Builder page events
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