Configuring convertigo analytics with postgresql database

In this article, Dominique shows how to configure Convertigo for using analytics with postgresql database.


Convertigo Mobility Platforms comes with several JDBC drivers already configured such as Oracle, MySQL or IBM DB2. However, it is possible to add any JDBC driver. We can also use postgresql to record analytics. For this, we have to install postgresql driver.There are steps in order to add a new JDBC driver to Convertigo configuration.

We assume postgresql is still installed and we can use an account with rights like create tables, write records...

Install postgresql driver

First, you have to download the jar file (in this case : postgresql-9.4-1201.jdbc4.jar) and copy the .jar file in :

  • your linux server installation folder (by default) : /opt/convertigoMobilityPlatform/tomcat/lib
  • your windows server installation folder (by default) :C:\Program Files (x86)\Convertigo Mobility Platform\Convertigo Enterprise Mobility Server\tomcat\lib

We need to restart convertigo server have the modification taken in account.

Configure convertigo Analytics

Then, we will configure analytics with the convertigo web administration console

Open the convertigo web administration console with your administrator account and go in config-> Analytics


we have to configure the differents fields :

  • "Persistence SQL Dialect" with org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect
  • "Persistence JDBC driver" with org.postgresql.Driver
  • "Persistence JDBC password" with username posgresql password
  • "Persistence JDBC URL" with jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/c8oanalytics We assume postgresql is installed with default port
  • "Persistence JDBC username" with username to connect on postgresql with necessary rights

Let the others fields with their default values. Save your configuration by click on update configuration

Create database

You have to create database c8oanalytics in postgresql. Use standard postgresql tool to create the base and give rights.The tables will be created with the first connection from convertigo.


In conclusion, we see that Convertigo Mobility Platform is open to customization and lets you configure it in many ways although it is provided with many installed functionalities. We hope you enjoyed this article and see you on the forum to share with us your feedbacks.

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