Please find here our official documentations for Convertigo Studio and Convertigo Enterprise Mobility Server

On the right side you will find links to the documentation. Latest documentation is available under the latest link. You can also find previous versions documentation in the all link.

Your feedback about these manuals is welcome. If you think we should add documentation about specific features, don’t hesitate to ask us in the forums.

You can also find below some getting started guides about the platform’s features such as the HTML connector. These documentations are referring to a previous version of the platform but are still useful to understand some Convertigo concepts.

Getting started with HTML connector Download PDF Learn how to access existing web applications via their HTML user interface even if they do not provide APIs or web services. 134 pages manual, 12.8 Mb.
Getting started with Convertigo Legacy Connector Download PDF Learn how to access the internal business logic of legacy (Mainframe or iSeries) applications. 142 pages manual, 13.4 Mb.
Getting started with Convertigo Sequencer Download PDF Discover how to “orchestrate” any kind of Convertigo transactions to build consolidated data on the server side. 232 pages manual, 22.2 Mb.
Getting started with Convertigo Legacy Publisher Download PDF Discover how to turn legacy systems (IBM and BULL mainframes, IBM iSeries or character based UNIX servers), often based on “green screen” user interfaces, into new Web 2.0 Ajax enabled Web applications, without modifying the code of original applications. 98 pages manual, 9.6 Mb. This video (1/2) and this one (2/2) illustrates this Getting Started guide.