Start with Free Convertigo Cloud

As easy as 1 + 2…

Step 1 :
First, start Free Convertigo
and Shared Cloud

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  • Download IT Studio
  • Build your mashables
  • Deploy them in the free Convertigo Shared Cloud or in the embedded single-user server

Step 2 :
Then, subscribe to your
Convertigo Private Cloud

Sign up

  • Activate your Private Cloud
  • Scale as you want


Step 2 :

Install On-Premises

Sign up
  • Get Convertigo perpetual license
  • Install on site
  • Combine as you want with Cloud deployment

Step 3 :
Get Services
when needed


  • Training: quickly master how to publish mashables connected to Legacy and Web apps and then compose and share mashups.
  • Consulting: ask us to validate your design and architecture, optimize deployment for performance, etc.
  • Support: get updates, fixes, access bug tracking and knowledge base, etc.