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Convertigo.SDK Namespace

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Public classC8o
Allows to send requests to a Convertigo Server (or Studio), these requests are called c8o calls.

C8o calls are done thanks to a HTTP request or a CouchbaseLite usage.

An instance of C8o is connected to only one Convertigo and can't change it.

To use it, you have to first initialize the C8o instance with the Convertigo endpoint, then use call methods with Convertigo variables as parameter.

Public classC8oBase
Public classC8oCouchbaseLiteException
Public classC8oException
Public classC8oExceptionListener
Public classC8oFileTransfer
This class manages big file transfers from and to Convertigo Server. To transfer a file you need to install in the Convertigo server the project handling the backend part. File transfers are using FullSync technology to transfer files in chunk mode. When a transfer is requested, the server will cut the file in chunks, then will insert the chunks in a FullSync database, the Database will replicate and the file will be reassembled on the client side.
Public classC8oFileTransferBase
Public classC8oFileTransferSettings
Public classC8oFileTransferStatus
Public classC8oFileTransferStatusC8oFileTransferState
Public classC8oHttpException
Public classC8oLocalCache
A C8oLocalCache object is used to configure the local cache feature for "C8o.Call*" methods. The key of this parameter must be C8oLocalCache.PARAM and the value a new C8oLocalCache instance. Sometimes we would like to use local cache on C8O calls and responses, in order to: * save network traffic between the device and the server, * be able to display data when the device is not connected to the network. The Local Cache feature allows to store locally on the device the responses to a C8O call, using the variables and their values as cache key.
Public classC8oLocalCachePriority
Public classC8oLogger
Public classC8oLogLevel
Public classC8oProgress
This class gives dome information about a running replication
Public classC8oPromiseT
A Promise object for Convertigo SDK calls. CallJSON or CallXML will return a C8oPromise object you can use to chain several calls. a typical use would be :
myC8o.CallJson (".sequ1", "shopCode", "42")
 .Then((response, parameters) => {                    
    return(myC8o.CallJson (".sequ2"));                        
 }).Then((response, parameters) => {                    
    return(myC8o.CallJson (".sequ3"));                        
 }).ThenUI((response, parameters) => {                    
    // Do some stuff on the UI Thread.
    return null;                        
 }).Fail((response, parameters) => {
    // Do some stuff is a call fails 
This code will call sequ1 then when this call has finished will call sequ2 and again in the same way sequ3. When sequ3 is finished, we can update the UI using data from the response object as the thread will automatically run in the UI thread. If something fails, we will be called in the Fail() function and we will be able to handle the error.
Public classC8oResponseJsonListener
Public classC8oResponseXmlListener
Public classC8oRessourceNotFoundException
Public classC8oSettings
This class manages various settings to configure Convertigo SDK. You can use an instance of this object in a new C8o endpoint object to initialize the endpoint with the correct settings
Public classC8oUnavailableLocalCacheException