From eCommerce to mCommerce…

Today, ecommerce websites generate significant traffic and profits. Consumers, however, increasingly want a true mobile eShopping experience. The Convertigo Mobile Commerce solution is a pre-built template that offers most required mCommerce features. An enterprise merely needs to customize it with its logos, and connect it to its back-end. Thanks to Convertigo Mobility Platform’s connectors, this Mobile Commerce solution can easily be connected to any type of backends, including Magento or any other eCommerce solution

For eCommerce back-ends that do not provide APIs, the Convertigo Mobile Commerce solution can connect directly to the enterprise’s web site, and convert an existing desktop-oriented eCommerce web site to a true cross-platform mobile app that’s installed on a mobile device.


The Carrefour OOShop Use case

The challenge was to interconnect key app and data assets in the shortest timeframe possible. These assets also needed to remain connected and automatically adapt to internal infrastructure and mobile device market evolutions. The Convertigo Mobility Platform can easily interconnect data and business logic from existing eCommerce web sites and standard SOA-enabled data sources.

Thanks to the Convertigo Mobility Platform, the project was delivered in less than seven weeks and at a fraction of the budget typically associated with traditional back-end integration practices. The new application inherits all back-end application business logic with no additional effort.

Loyalty Management

Client retention is a major concern for retailers. Most firms have already invested in loyalty programs that rely on physical loyalty cards. In the emerging mobile space, however, consumers now want virtual loyalty cards that they can display on their mobile device.

The Convertigo Mobile Loyalty solution connects to an enterprise’s client retention program, and provides access to all mobile loyalty services, such as physical card scanning, virtual card display, and access to accumulated point balance and last known operation information.

The Convertigo Mobile Loyalty solution uses a wide array of platform connectors to integrate with standard loyalty management packages, such as Siebel Loyalty, or any other in-house loyalty management software.