You can change your “display name publicly” after you added a first name or last name or nickname. Once you click the “update” button, the field “Display name publicly as” will let you choose between names indicated earlier.

You can also change your password whenever you want by using the “password*” fields.


Personal informations


Personal Server Configuration

The first Time you run Convertigo Studio, the startup wizard will ask you for a Personal Server Certificate (PSC). The PSC describes your unique Convertigo Trial Cloud account. This will enable the studio to deploy projects for free on Convertigo Trial Cloud. This way, you will be able to test your projects in a real 3G/4G environement

Convertigo Trial Cloud is free for testing purposes, please contact us for a production Cloud environment

Please Find your PSC below (You can double click on it to select, and copy/paste it to your Studio Wizard PSC page)