San Francisco and Paris, September 27 2016.

Convertigo announces at AngularConnect 2016 in London official support for Angular 2 and Ionic 2 framework.

Although Convertigo MBaaS provides its own templating framework based on jQuery Mobile called CTF (Convertigo Templating Framework), the platform also now supports the industry standard Angular 2 with the Ionic 2 mobile framework. This enables developers to use the full power of Angular 2 and the beautiful Ionic 2 mobile framework to write the mobile apps hybrid front ends connected to Convertigo server back-end services.

Developers can develop the Angular/Ionic part in the same Convertigo Studio than the whole back-end part. Convertigo Studio will automatically handle the build process and will add the Flash Update feature to hybrid apps.

Developers can also choose to use their favorite Angular 2 IDE and still use Convertigo back-end service and build capabilities. Convertigo Back-end services are provided as a standard Typescript Angular 2 service provider you can use in your apps with a very simple API. The same API can be used to call Back-end services (Sequences) or to deal with local offline data and synchronize this data with the server using the FullSync technology.

Using Angular 2 with Convertigo gives the best of two worlds, combining the leading front end technology with the most powerful Enterprise mobile back-end open source technology, accelerating Enterprise digitalization processes and increasing employee productivity.

About Convertigo

Convertigo ( is a privately held company recognized as a “pure player” in the enterprise Mobility market and the first software vendor to distribute its cloud based or on premise Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) and as Open Source. Convertigo is delivering a secured and scalable disruptive all-in-one solution integrating rapid cross platform mobile development tools and a powerful MBaaS covering challenging backend enablement, featuring a middleware optimized for mobility.

With more of 100.000 installations of its community edition, Convertigo technologies have a proven track record with secured and scalable implementations deployed in global fortune 500 companies in EMEA and North America.