Convertigo Adobe Mosaic demo thumb

The goal of that demo is to show how Convertigo can help integrating existing Legacy and Web applications into a portal including rich composite RIA widgets (in our case Adobe’s Mosaic).

NB: this demo has been contributed by I-Cubed, one of our SI partners. I-Cubed
Technologies used:
Convertigo Mosaic IP demo technologies
I-Cubed has used Convertigo Legacy Integrator to create a Flex tile (e.g. widget) that accesses a mainframe based application managing IP and Patents in Australia. This application has no API.
Convertigo Mosaic mainframe integration
Convertigo Mosaic demo mainframe integration
Convertigo Mosaic mainframe integration
They also used Convertigo Web Integrator to produce 1 tile, that accesses the European IP and Patents Web site using the existing REST API.
Convertigo Mosaic Web integration
They also used Convertigo Web Clipper to produce 1 tile, that accesses the US IP and Patents Web site.
This Web site has no API.
Convertigo Mosiac Web clipping
Then these 3 tiles have been integrated into a composite RIA developed with Adobe Mosaic.
The global search field at the top right, sends a request to the 3 tiles and will then combine the results into a Flex grid / table:
convertigo mosaic global search

Full demo

The following video displays all the described interactions of the demo: