Introducing Convertigo Form Builder

Form Builder is the “No Code” tool built on top of Convertigo Low Code platform technology.

Many Lines of Business verticals such a Manufacturing, Transports, Field maintenance, Mobile sales, Insurance, Automotive or Engineering rely on data forms.

Using Forms, Enterprises will be able to quickly recreate all these paper-based forms as digital formats and have their data directly synchronized to their existing business applications such as ERP, CRM, PLM and Databases

Even more, data entry can trigger complex actions and workflows in their back- end systems interfacing with some compulsory legacy applications running and managed by IT.

Forms Dashboard

Each form can be deleted, edited or visualized from the dashboard. The forms can be also organized in folders and searched by name or tags. In this way you can manage thousands of different forms across all different lines of the company’s line of businesses.

Forms can be exported as plain files and re-imported. This is a useful feature to archive forms from one system to another.

Forms can be designed by anyone using a web browser and require no technical skills. Once designed, the forms can be used on any type of devices:

  • Mobile Android Devices
  • Mobile iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad)
  • Desktop PCs & Macs & Linux

New forms can be deployed instantly without requiring download or re install apps on mobile devices.

Sharing and Publishing Forms

Designed Forms can be published to a restrained group of users so that you can be sure that only controlled groups will be have access to these specific data entry applications. Accessing these forms will require a user authentication.

Forms can also be published in “Anonymous” mode. In this case, anyone can use it even without authenticating. This mode can be used for example by public B2C inquiry forms. Note that the “Anonymous” mode can be disabled at any time.

Exploring Collected data

Once the forms are deployed and users start to use them, Convertigo platform will start to collect data from the filled-in forms. You can explore this data directly from the Form Dashboard.

Data can also be exported as CSV file so you can import it in Microsoft Excel ® or Google Docs ® spread sheets

Integrating with back end Systems

Convertigo Forms excels at integrating data with Enterprise back end systems. Thanks to Convertigo platform connector technology, Data can be easily exchanged in real time with existing back-end systems…

IT Department can prepare libraries of “Actions” and “Data Sources” that “citizen” form builders will use in their forms. For example, actions can be sent mails, push data to ERP, CRM or PLM, execute a Purchase Order on SAP or any other back-end action your Enterprise software package can execute.

“Data Sources” could be the list of your employees, or a list of customers…, a Catalog of products. Just think of any type of data your Enterprise software holds.

Collaborative Design

Convertigo Forms supports Collaborative design process where several users can work in real time on the same form. All modifications made by one designer are reflected in real time to the other users.

This allows complex forms to be discussed and build by collaborative teams spread around the planet!

Editing and Creating forms

Anyone can create or modify / copy existing forms using the from editor running in a simple web browser

Once created or modified, the form will be instantly available for users on their device.

Enterprise Authentication support

Convertigo Forms can be connected to your Enterprise Authentications services. In this way you will use your existing Enterprise username / password to access Convertigo Forms.

Convertigo Forms supports Microsoft Active Directory® and OAuth / OpenID standards providing seamless integration in most companies.

Add business rules to forms

Forms can be complex and behave differently according depending on data already filled in in some fields. For example, selecting a male gender would display Male specific fields and female gender some other female specific fields.

Convertigo Forms controls fields and page visibility according to some business rules that the user can configure without coding. Even more, some simple calculations can also be done this way to have some fields compute values form other fields.

Why is Convertigo different?

  • Built-In Offline support:

Convertigo form Builder is built using the Convertigo Platform itself! Thus, benefiting from all Offline Full Sync® technology. You can display, fill in forms, submit them all offline! When the network comes back your data will be synced to the backend repository.

  • Runs On-Premises or on the cloud:

Many enterprises are reluctant to have their data stored on public clouds and prefer to operate the platform on their own. This is what you can do with Convertigo! You may find that users in your Enterprise already started some forms using some other cloud technology. With Convertigo you provide the same service but in a secured and controlled way.

  • Convertigo Forms are Mobile builder components:

Imagine you can combine No-Code and Low-Code! This is what you can do with Convertigo. Any Convertigo Form is a Component you use in your Low Code Mobile Builder Apps! And more, modifications of the forms can be done by citizen dveloppers and not necessary by Low Code developers

  • Convertigo Forms apps can be real independent Mobile apps:

Instead of having one generic “player” app able to provide multi forms, such as many other vendors, Convertigo Forms can build independent apps for each form with their own icon and splash screen for startup. This way, the apps can be deployed on the devices using the standard MDM technology that enterprise use to deploy their apps.

  • Convertigo Forms can be integrated with third party authentications:

Many enterprises need their users to be authenticated by their existing mechanism. This can be some Azure AD, Google Accounts, OpenID or on premises Windows Active Directory. Convertigo forms is natively integrated with all the authentication schemes.

  • Convertigo Forms can sync with your existing Backend Enterprise application packages:

Push and pull data real time from your existing ERP, CRM, PLM Ecommerce or in house developed software packages thanks to the Low Code integration engine and connectors

  • Convertigo Forms is Open Source Technology

Open source reduces the vendor lock–in for Enterprises. Also, anyone can see how Convertigo is built and can contribute to the project. Maintenance is facilitated and can be done by several actors by the side of Convertigo.