Mobile Vacation is a mobile application showing how Convertigo can port a human resources vacation management application to smartphones. The goal of Mobile Vacation application is to log-in as a team manager, display the team vacation calendar and accept or refuse each team member’s vacation request.

This mobile application is developped through a Convertigo Mobile project, based on the Convertigo Templating Framework (CTF), jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap/Cordova.   It demonstrates several features of Convertigo Mobility Platform:
  • Convertigo Sequences are developed to provide an API dedicated to the human resources vacation fonctionalities, using several steps to dynamically load resources, parse XML files and compute data,
  • Convertigo Authenticated user protection is used on the sequences in order to prevent a non-authenticated user to access to private data,
  • Convertigo Templating Framework (CTF) creates the dynamic mobile application user interface with few lines of code.

Deep dive into the details

The Convertigo project defines a mobile-dedicated API based on sample data. It is implemented using Sequences that retrieve data from XML files stored in the project. It could easily be connected to a real human resources database or existing application.   The the mobile application is developed using jQuery Mobile framework to display touch based user interface. The application UI proposes first a login screen. Once logged in, the user can access the list of vacation to validate and the team calendar. He can also disconnect from the application. When any action is done on the application, the CTF is used to easily program the call to Convertigo server and manage responses to display data in the several screens of the application.   Finally, PhoneGap turns this HTML5 coded application to a full native “appstorable” mobile application.  

Convertigo Templating Framework

Convertigo Templating Framework (CTF) is an HTML/JavaScript library helping developers to:
  • program interactions between the client mobile application and the Sequences running on Convertigo Server. This is done using Convertigo dedicated attributes in the HTML code, and using a Convertigo JavaScript API when necessary.
  • automate screen transitions when receiving data from the server. This is done using the Routing Table, a JavaScript object structure describing all transitions, depending on conditions, data received, etc.

User/session authentication

The mobile vacation application proposes first a login screen. The Login sequence is the only functionality that can be executed without being authenticated. Once the user is logged, the HTTP session is set as authenticated. This is done using a Set authenticated user step within the Login sequence.   All other sequences from the mobile-dedicated API are protected from being executed without authenticatio. To do so, we only activated the Authenticated context required property on the sequences. If a non-authenticated user tries to execute one of the proptected sequences, Convertigo will automatically prevent the execution and return and error to requester.