Why is a MBaaS server mandatory for enterprise mobility ?

In the enterprise mobility scope, mobile applications running on devices have to connect to the enterprise data to provide the user with valuable business information. Unfortunately, the enterprise’s information system is usually not designed to provide such data to the mobile devices.

As mobile devices cannot access directly to the Enterprise’s data for security and other technical reasons, Convertigo Server connects to the existing Enterprise’s data and provide the data in the correct format for mobile devices, thus saving the bandwidth for 3G/4G networks. Convertigo’s Mobile Enterprise Application Platform server also handles access control in order to publish only controlled subsets of the Enterprise’s data to mobile devices and encrypts data over the mobile networks.


Server Side business logic

Many mobile processes require complex business logic to be executed. Although this logic could be executed in the mobile device itself, executing it server side provides better security as data is processed within the Enterprise. This preserves bandwidth as data filtering can be done before sending back the data to the mobile device. Convertigo server can execute complex business logic that can be shared among several mobile applications.

This business logic is exposed as a mobile service to the mobile applications running on the devices. This will enable mobile applications to connect and synchronize the data with the back end systems, eliminating duplicate work by allowing business logic to be written and maintained in one place.

How is Convertigo MBaaS Server doing the job ?

Convertigo Server is based on a three tier architecture. First tier is the connector layer, providing connectors to enterprise data. All Connectors can be configured to access data by setting their properties. Within a connector, Convertigo will execute Transactions representing single exchanges with back end servers passing data in and retrieving data out.

Second layer is the business logic layer executing server side. Convertigo server handles business logic by executing Sequences. Sequences are a set of steps executed in sequence. Each step can perform some simple business logic such as creating data structures, filtering data, sending mails or push notifications or compute complex business logic. Sequences can call any Connector’s transaction to exchange data with back end systems.
Last tier is responsible for exposing Sequences business logic as standard Web Services accessed by mobile devices

Convertigo server also handlles the FullSync technology providing offline data on mobile devices


Security, Access Control and Application updates

Convertigo server handles security contexts, carefully controlling mobile user’s credentials before executing sequences. The server can also handle stateful contexts, mash data from different enterprise sources and cache data to avoid excessive back end solicitations.

Convertigo server is also responsible for updating mobile devices with new versions of mobile apps (Flash Update), handling access logs, usage analytics, and administration console.

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