Mobile Back end as a Service.

Creating and deploying mobile business applications and services has an easy path thanks to Convertigo Cloud. With Convertigo Cloud, companies can instantly reap the benefit of a ready to go and “à la carte” Mobile backend as a Service (MBaaS) and Mobile Platfom as a Service (MPaaS) Cloud which responds directly to business expectations about scalability, power, security and support.


Quick and Simple !

With Convertigo Cloud, companies will be able to deploy mobile cloud applications in a few simple steps. Convertigo Trial Cloud is the ideal and free way to start evaluating new Convertigo applications and services. No complex administrative process is required, just register on our web site , you will receive a Personal Server Certificate (PSC) that will allow you to deploy your projects on Convertigo’s trial Cloud.
Once freely tested within Convertigo Trial Cloud, You can move to a Convertigo Private Cloud plan in order to reap the best and most adapted services, infrastructures and supports coming from Convertigo.

An efficient and easy administration platform.

Convertigo Cloud is delivering a large scope of services to manage alerts, tolerances and load balancing. Such services are matching standards and highest IT governance requirements. Convertigo Cloud can easily adjust itself to any business needs. It can support exceptional load peaks or website progressive increases. This will ensure that our MBaaS and MPaaS services will serve millions of mobile users with the reliability expected for an Enterprise class service.


Do more with less !

Convertigo customers can combine traditional on-premise deployments with Cloud based-ones and build Information System architectures balancing efficiently in between them. Depending of their choice, companies can access a simple and unified subscription model that fits their needs. With such flexibility, companies can adapt expenses to real business usage for Enteprise Mobility
With Convertigo, Organizations can now rely on an essential component to build a successful strategy to move existing IT assets and specific business processes to Mobile. Enterprises can explore new perspectives to make their Information system more competitive, more attractive to consumers and more efficient for employees.