Mobile devices accelerate the delivery of manufacturing process quality and efficiency

Field service delivery, quality control, part procurement management through the supply chain… these core manufacturing processes face profound changes due to fast-growing mobile device capabilities. Increased agility and tighter human-to-machine interactivity within production, maintenance and service environments enable mobile enterprises to gain significant advantages in productivity, time to market competitiveness, and consumer satisfaction

Convertigo has a consistent track record serving manufacturing enterprises by defining and building mobile apps that are strategic components for new business models, processes, and use cases. As part of our mobility platform, we have developed and integrated a set of standard features that create value for manufacturers.

Assembly Line Solution

Mobile devices help optimize part procurement along the assembly line (global EMEA car manufacturer)


  • Raise assembly line productivity by reducing the levels of stock-outs at assembly stations
  • Build an iPad application that can interact with multiple backend applications
  • Connect to mainframe legacy application to manage part procurement and trigger station procurement and backend restocking


  • Leverage and augment mainframe legacy business processes through the use of Convertigo Mobility Platform TN3270 z/OS connectors
  • Build and expose mobility services as a new optimized and secured Rest/JSON API
  • Leverage the Convertigo Mobility Platform’s automated non-regression testing capabilities for middleware services and tablet apps
  • Optimize data cache management and service requests
  • Ensure mobile app access to web portals via APIs
  • Integrate add-on services,based on Duns and court information, and more


  • Reduce costs by delivering new mainframe API in less than 10 days
  • Lower costs by reducing data capture errors
  • Enhance supply chain and station productivity
  • Achieved record app deployment and time-to-market
  • Facilitated app maintenance by leveraging flash update

HR – Travel & Entertainment expense validation

Helping managers validate field service expenses (Global EMEA car manufacturer)



  • Reduce the expense validation cycle via a mobile application
  • Adapt existing SAP business processes to a BYOD mobile environment
  • 360° dashboard visibility of group and personal expenses for better control and management
  • Urgent line-of-business demand that required IT responsiveness


  • Ability to leverage and augment existing business processes via Convertigo Mobility Platform SAP connectors
  • Dynamic and responsive cross-OS user interface and apps
  • Automated Convertigo Mobility Platform non-regression testing of middleware services and mobile apps
  • Contextual Proof of Concept delivered in record time


  • Efficient expense management and control
  • Increased employee satisfaction thanks to faster reimbursement
  • Significant IT cost savings by bypassing complex SAP development practices
  • Record app deployment and time to market
  • Easy app maintenance by leveraging flash updates