Legacy integration in SalesForce

This demo will show you the integration of a webized legacy AS/400 (iSeries) application in SalesForce, using the Convertigo Keyring library to retrieve the user’s credentials.


Demo Synopsis

The goal of the demo is to show the add, in the Contact page of SalesForce, of a Convertigo Widget including a webized legacy AS/400 (iSeries) application. The legacy application appears already logged-in. This behavior is developped using Convertigo Keyring library and Convertigo Legacy connector. Legacy integration in SalesForce synopsis

Deep dive into the details

This demo includes the development of the Convertigo widget in one hand and its integration in SalesForce in the other hand.

How Convertigo widget works?

1/ The Convertigo widget requires a user name as parameter.From this “user name”, the widget uses the Convertigo Keyring library to retrieve the user’s credentials for the legacy application. Convertigo widget using Keyring
2/ Using these credentials and Convertigo Legacy connector, a Convertigo transaction performs the authentication in the legacy application, navigates until reaching a certain screen of the app and displays back the dynamic webization of the application to the user. Auto-login thanks to Legacy connector
  3/ The user is then able to use the webized application allowing dynamic real-time interactions with the AS/400.  
Using webization Using webization

Keyring library

Keyring displaying error The Keyring library can detect if the user has not set his credentials for this application.In this case, the widget displays an error message, inviting the user to set his credentials to his keychain.
User's keychain The Keyring library proposes a keychain widget that any user can use to set his credentials for the several needed applications.The user’s keychain widget is opened in a new window in our demo. The user is able to set his credentials for the Legacy application if they were not yet saved (or if his password expired for example).

Convertigo widget’s integration in SalesForce

The Convertigo widget is included into the SalesForce page as described in the Inserting Convertigo Widgets in SalesForce.com technical article in our Technical Blog. The name of the user authenticated in SalesForce is passed as parameter to the Convertigo widget. This is the name used in the request to the Keyring library.

Full demo

The following video displays all the described interactions of the demo:    

Manipulating the demo


Convertigo Cloud demo

You can open and use the Convertigo widget directly in your web browser, as the Convertigo projects are available on our demo Cloud server. The demo projects are already deployed in demo Convertigo Cloud. The only prerequisite is a Web browser: IE from version 7, Firefox from version 3.0 or Chrome.   Click on the following url to launch the Convertigo widget from our demo Cloud server: http://demo.convertigo.net/cems/projects/KALO_Demo/start.html?__sequence=start&user=Demo Then, just manipulate the widget as you saw on the video. Beware that the legacy application to which the project is connected is a recorded trace, it will not behave like a real alive application.