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Use Convertigo to expose your services as JSON

For most connected mobile applications running on iPhone, iPad, iOs, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry, JSON is the preffered format to communicate from the mobile devices to the server. This is because JSON features a very small footprint, is very easily handled by most mobile development languages and is now a de facto standard.

As most of mobile application developers, you may often face a lack of JSON based services. You will have to:

  • Expose SQL databases as JSON services
  • Convert existing XML services such as REST or SOAP to JSON

Convertigo Community Edition will help you expose any business logic to JSON in a few clicks without developing one line of Java, PHP or C# code ! . This will enable you to focus on the real job you have to do: build the best mobile application ever !

Convertigo Community Edition is a free open source Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). that can be extended to to Enterprise Edition.

Convertigo Enterprise Edition is the only MEAP featuring HTML Web connectors and Mainframe legacy connectors enabling to parse any Web HTML application or any Mainframe green screen application and to expose it to JSon without development. See our Feature Matrix to choose the best Convertigo Edition for your needs.
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About Convertigo:

Convertigo provides enterprise integration software for mashup and mobile applications. Convertigo Enterprise mashup Server (CEM-S) allows companies to combine and deploy within next generation portals and native or web mobile applications, data and business processes coming from multiple enterprise and web sources. Convertigo solutions are deployed at more than 300 customers worldwide, primarily in the finance and retail industries. CEM-S delivers short term ROI by reducing development costs in a spectacular way. It exposes and leverage any legacy or web-based transactional applications and mash them up with any other IT assets. Convertigo is running operations in France, Benelux and United States as well as leveraging as global network of resellers and partners over the globe.






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