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IFIACCESS is ready to be connected to your core, this is a digital mobile banking platform developed by iFiMobile in the US, and powered by Convertigo Mobility Platform. This integrated mobile application offers the choice of all or any of: mobile banking, check deposit, payments, international remittance, investment, eWallet , insurance, PFM and more… in one app on a one versatile platform.

IFIACCESS offers free branding, and customization with enriched yet intuitive digital user experience along with the convenience of switching instantly between all financial services through ONE app…


A variety of financial services

The IFIACCESS platform integrates multiple business lines including banking, payments, brokerage, investment management and insurance. It supports a variety of services across business lines such as fund transfer between banking and brokerage accounts, payment from a checking account for an insurance policy, and currency exchange linked to a wire transfer to a foreign account.

In addition,IFIACCESS provides a consolidated view of positions across multiple business lines such as total cash position across all banking, brokerage and investment accounts, while enabling notification when such a position falls below a threshold. Furthermore, it leverages all positions across business lines to enable budgeting and tracking within a comprehensive personal financial management context.

Integration with core back-end systems

IFIACCESS leverages the power of the Convertigo Mobility platform to connect to core banking and back-end systems. A variety of cloud-based or on-premise Convertigo integration options are used including web services connector and SQL connector and even dynamic web parsing

The IFIACCESS solution benefits from all the security brought by the Convertigo Mobility platform, including transaction encyption, sensible data scrambling in logs, back end secured access