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Citizen developer

(No-Code) Form builder

  • No-Code application builder without technical skills required
  • Needs to share informations and have feedbacks quickly, even without network connexion on your mobile devices
  • Optionally, interact with your Enterprise Data for data sources and data injection to third party applications such as Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and many others
  • Deploy your Application on Smartphones, Tablets & Web Desktops
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Confirmed developer

(Low-Code) Mobile builder

  • For experienced developers who wants to be more efficient on their work (5 to 20 times faster)
  • Being able to deliver faster keeping the same quality and capabilities than classic development
  • Still being able to add custom code for specific capabilities
  • Inherits from all out of the box data integration connectors and orchestration engines to exchange data with Enterprise packages
  • Integrate in standard DevOps and Continuous integration cycles.
  • Deploy apps on Private or Public App stores for iOS, Android or as Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
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