This chapter describes how to install Convertigo Form Builder Standalone on premise

Convertigo Form Builder Standalone

This a is the dockerized version of Convertigo Form Builder that enables you to run it on premises.


Linux platform is recommended.

Installation guide

First of all, extract tar.gz (This file is given by a download link in a message) :

$ tar -xzvf c8oforms_standalone.tar.gz

Then, start docker as a deamon :

$ systemctl start docker

Then, make sure you have correct permissions on folder c8oforms_standalone (read/write/execute)

$ sudo chmod -R 777 ./c8oforms_standalone

Then, navigate to folder, and start-up docker :

$ cd c8oforms_standalone
$ docker-compose up -d

When its done, on first launch you must configure couchdb. You can either use that configure for you automatically couchdb in single-node mode :

$ ./

You can also configure it by using fauxton.

You have to wait about 5 minutes for the environment to finish setting up to start.

Go to Convertigo administration, into projects to check that all projects has been loaded. After 5 minutes you must see following projects:

Figure: Projects Forms

Convertigo projects used by Convertigo Form Builder are:

  • C8Oforms
  • lib_ExtendedComponents
  • lib_FullSyncGrp
  • lib_UserManager
  • lib_OAuth

To shutdown docker,and stop Convertigo Form Builder, run:

$ docker-compose down


Convertigo Form Builder

Convertigo Server

Couchdb fauxton

  • Connect to url: http://your_server:28081/_utils
    login: admin password: fullsyncpassword
  • The Couchdb directory which includes databases is in folder c8oforms_standalone/couchdb.


  • You can find your workspace into folder c8oforms_standalone/workspace.
  • This workspace contains all Convertigo user data: the projects, the configuration files, the logs, etc.

Create a new Convertigo Form Builder account

Go to convertigo administration and login, then navigate to test platform, and click on lib_UserManager, execute sequence AddUser with user email and password.

Figure: CreateAccount Forms

Be careful to use an email like “”. If you don’t, you won’t be able to login.

Authentication Active directory

You have to configure project lib_UserManager . To do so go to convertigo admin console: http://your_server:28080/convertigo/admin/login.html and type login and password. Then, click on project on the left hand side to access to project list view. On the left side of lib_UserManager project, you will se a red warning icon, click on it to create symbols.

Figure: Symbols UserManager 1

Now that its done, click on symbols on the left hand side.

Figure: Symbols UserManager 2

You will have to define 3 symbols:

  • lib_UserManager.adminUser
    • This user must be an active directory account, who has at least read only access right, and so can execute research on whole tree (expected synthax is DOMAIN_NAME\USER)
  • lib_UserManager.adminPassword.secret
    • Password of our active directory user
  • lib_UserManager.ldapServer
    • Url of LDAP server such as ldap://LDAP_SERVER:389


Directories to save in the event of a machine crash :

  • All the workspace directory except logs folder. This contains all the specifics parameters as well as the symbols set.
  • All the couchdb directory. This directory contains all the databases used for Convertigo Form Builder. In particular the definitions of forms, users, rights, …

Restoration is easy. It consists of replacing the installed directories with those saved.