Convertigo Cloud

This page introduces the Convertigo Cloud technology from a technical standpoint.

It complements the Convertigo Shared Cloud page on our main corporate Web site.

Many software vendors state in their datasheets their products can be deployed in Amazon EC2. This might be OK for users already having all the required skills to do it, but for most people this is still something new.

  • Cloud infrastructures (IaaS) are still difficult to master,
  • first deployments require a lot of efforts,
  • and maintenance is not easier.

Convertigo Cloud

Convertigo Cloud is a complete PaaS (platform as a service):

  • It provides the Convertigo server functionalities and capabilities,
  • it relies on Amazon EC2,
  • and it brings additional features on top of it.

Convertigo developers have nothing special to do to support deployment in the Cloud. Convertigo Studios are able to deploy projects on Convertigo servers both on-premises and Cloud.

Convertigo Cloud implements high availability service around Amazon EC2:

  • Convertigo Server is added scalability and monitoring features on the Cloud.
  • It automatically provides load-balancing, fault tolerance and redondancy.

For security reasons, Convertigo Amazon instances (AMI) are deployed in both European and North American regions.

Convertigo Cloud global architecture

Convertigo Cloud global architecture

Convertigo Shared Cloud

Convertigo Shared Cloud is a 100% free shared Convertigo Cloud. It can be used by every Convertigo Studio user but has no specific SLA.

When Convertigo developers download Convertigo Studio and start it, they receive by email a Personal Studio Configuration that:

  • automatically configures their Studio to deploy in one click projects on Convertigo Shared Cloud,
  • gives them an access to the Convertigo forum for help and knowledge sharing.

Warning icon

Convertigo Shared Cloud can be reset at any time for maintenance reasons, therefore it should be reserved for evaluation purposes.

  • No production projects should be deployed in Convertigo Shared Cloud.
  • As there is no guarantee of performance, it should not be used for benchmarking.

Convertigo Private Cloud

Once mobile projects have been validated in the free Cloud, they can be deployed in production, either to Convertigo on-premises Server or in Convertigo Private Cloud.

  • Convertigo Private Cloud is a secured and isolated space in the Cloud, with resources allocated depending on the projects needs.
  • Customers are guaranteed to have their projects running on at least 2 Amazon instances, insuring a high level of load balancing and fault tolerance.
  • All Convertigo Cloud AMIs are monitored by a transparent and specific Convertigo Cloud administration system, which detects when instances are down and restart them automatically.

Private Cloud implements high availability service schema

Private Cloud implements high availability service

As opposed to the traditional Convertigo on-premises deployment, which licences subscription is based on CPU cores, Convertigo Private Cloud licences subscription is based on Compute Units. See the Convertigo Feature Matrix page for more information.

At the time being, Convertigo Cloud users can activate more resources as they need it, by contacting our sales team.

In future versions, a customer management platform will let users adjusting their resources by themselves.

Convertigo Cloud or on-premises?

The following table summarizes the differences between Convertigo Private Cloud or Convertigo on-premises server and may help you in your decision process between both available solutions.


Convertigo Cloud

Convertigo on-premises server

Intranet connectivity

Access to Intranet applications not native, but possible thanks to an authentication process using client certificates. Direct access to Intranet applications as the server is installed locally in the company network.

Internet connectivity

Access to Internet public applications and Web sites as the Convertigo server is also in the Cloud. Possible firewalls and proxys to configure to access to Internet applications and Web sites when Convertigo server is installed in the company network.

High availability service

Automatic scalability directly managed by the Convertigo Cloud Administration system, including load-balancing, fault tolerance and redundancy. Manual scalability, depending on the Convertigo server installation environment and applications server.

Scheduler functionnality

Not available in Cloud. Allows to program automatic launches of Convertigo Sequences or Transactions executions.