Convertigo Administration Console

Convertigo Administration Console is the web application that allows administrating and configuring Convertigo Server. Convertigo Studio also includes an Administration Console, i.e. the Administration Console of the Convertigo Server embedded in the Studio.

Convertigo Administration Console welcome  Administration Console menu

Administration of Convertigo Server in a standard Web interface

The Convertigo Administration Console contains several widgets that allow to configure and monitor the Convertigo Server. It is a standard Web 2.0 application, composed of a left menu that provides access to the various configuration and information display widgets. This menu also provides shortcuts to access the Test Platform of the projects deployed in the server, the Convertigo Corporate Web site, the Convertigo documentations, and Convertigo Developer Network Web site.

Administrators manage Server parametrization

Thanks to the Administration Console, the administrators completely direct the parametrization of the Convertigo Server. Most properties and parameters of the server can be updated with no need to restart the Convertigo engine, which helps providing a constant service quality to running projects users.

Convertigo Server parameters configuration  Advanced properties configuration
Convertigo Projects management

Projects edition and configuration is possible

No need to use a Convertigo Studio to update some objects of the projects deployed in the Convertigo Server. In addition to listing projects and being able to reload or export them, the administrator has the ability of directly editing some objects properties.

Project object edition

Real-time monitoring

The Convertigo Administration Console includes two real-time widgets:

  • Connections widget lists all the running connections, i.e. the transactions and sequences executions and information about the client that launched them. The administrator can possibly delete one or all of the active connections.
  • Logs widget provides real-time display or manual filtering of Convertigo engine logs. Manual filtering can be used on every logs, giving the administrator the power to roll-back on every production execution that happened. Real-time logs displaying allows the administrator to react in real time on executions.
Convertigo real-time execution logs Filtering execution logs
Convertigo real-time running connections
Convertigo's Enterprise Mashup Server is built with industry standards


Convertigo transactions and sequences results can be cached to save execution time and possibly connection costs (for billed hosts). This feature can be activated on each transaction or sequence object by the developer, but the administrator can administrate the cache mode (file or database) in the Administration Console of the Convertigo Server.


Convertigo Server includes a process management functionality named Scheduler. The Scheduler is managed through the Administration Console and allows the administrators to plan and schedule automatic launches of jobs, recurrent or not. The jobs to execute are projects transactions or sequences. Schedules and recurrence of launches are defined thanks to schedules based on CRON expressions.

Convertigo provides project templates
Administration Console authentication form

Authentication process

The Convertigo Administration Console is protected by an authentication and can only be accessed by authorized administrators. The Convertigo server configurations, Convertigo projects configurations, execution logs, etc. are protected.