Get additionnal Connectors & Actions

SQL Database

Connectors will enable to list data in data grids or dropdown select lists from any SQL database


Data from SAP ERP (ECC based) can be used to fill data grids and dropdown select lists

Apache Kafka

Send data to Apache Kafka queues


Read data from Excel Sheets or Office 365 Excel documents in data grids

Google Sheets

Read data from Google Sheets in data grids


Read data from Snowflake data lakes in data grids


Read data from Airtable in data grids

Build your own connector !

Convertigo No Code Studio comes with a minimal set of connectors.
See above the list of available connectors.

When you run No Code Studio on a private cloud or On Premises, you will have the ability to add these connectors as plugins.
Ask us a plugin with the blue chat element on the left. 

If you do not find the one you need, you will be able to build it yourself using Convertigo Low Code Studio. Please read this documentation to do so.

Build a Convertigo No Code Studio Connector