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    Welcome to the Convertigo Forums!

    Please tell us who you are, how and why you use Convertigo and what kind of Enterprise Mahsups you build.
    And give us any adiditional information about you.

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    Eric Samson

    Hi there,

    My name is Eric Samson. I\’m Product Manager here at Convertigo.
    I\’m the moderator of most of the Convertigo forums.

    Don\’t hesitate to contact me should you experience any issue with the IT Center or should you need any kind of information.

    Talk to you soon.

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    Eric Samson


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    Eric Samson

    On Feb 17th, we just announced C-EMS 5.
    See more about the new features here: What\’s new.

    Ability to deploy in the Cloud will really help customers evaluating Convertigo much quicker. It also makes deployment in production much easier. No need to learn how to deploy in Amazon, everything is done for you, just a few mouse clicks from Convertigo Eclipse Studio and you\’re done.

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    Eric Samson

    Version 5.0.2 is out since today.

    This new minor upgrade comes with the following features:

    • New test cases for transactions and sequences (developers can now define and execute several test suites)
    • Complete Eclipse doc in the Studio (Starting Guides)
    • Enhanced Log Console with filters and tabular display
    • CallTransaction and CallSequence now available in complex steps
    • Counter management in engine supervision (state information about memory usage, threads, pools, etc. is now periodically added in the log system)

    More than 40 bugs have been fixed.
    A huge effort has been put on the pool management system.

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    Olivier Picciotto

    In some cases, you would like to use some embedded objects like SWF or Silverlight or even Java Applets in Convertigo Widgets.
    This is as easy as 1 +2 = 3!


    • Define a \’fake\’ LaunchTransaction.
    • Set its return code to \’cancel\’ this will prevent the transaction to connect to its endpoint.
    • Attach a style sheet to this transaction and set the style sheet type as \”from transaction\”.
    • In the style sheet write whatever code you need to host you embedded object(tag or tags.

    To display the widget just use the following url:


    That\’s the trick!

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    Marc Noises

    Hi there,

    I\’m trying to evaluate C-EMS for an internal project.
    I\’m starting with your Convertigo Web Integrator Getting Started Guide.
    So far, so good -> I have been able to complete most of the tasks in the tutorial 🙂 .

    I now encounter a small problem, at the end, when publishing SOAP web services. The doc mentions a Web Services Explorer tool in Eclipse, I cannot figure out where it is.

    Any help appreciated…


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    Eric Samson


    Nice to see your evaluation is going right.
    I myself found the same issue.

    Here is what you have to do in order to activate that tool:

    • When in the Convertigo Perspective
    • Click on Menu Window, then Customize Perspective…
    • Then click on the Commands tab
    • Then check the Launch Web Services Tool box

    The option should now be enabled under the Run menu.

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    Marc Noises

    It works! Great. Thank you.
    I now have another issue, I\’ll post a new thread in a minute.

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    Marc Noises

    At the end of the Convertigo Web Integrator Tutorial, we are supposed to apply an xsl to the output.
    The documentation shows the result.xsl file edited but where can I find this file?

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    Eric Samson


    You can use the result.xsl file that is provided with the complete solution of the tutorial.

    You just have to open the related project:

    Click on the New button at the left of the toolbar, then Projects, then Convertigo Projects, then Documentation samples then Convertigo Web Integrator.

    You\’ll find the result.xsl file under the Project Explorer tab.

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    Marc Noises

    OK. I\’ll try it.

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    Marc Noises

    In parallel of reading the tutorial, I\’m starting a test project. It is quite similar to the tutorial case, but using another in-house search page in a proprietary system.

    I have a bug that I cannot understand, I\’m trying to see how I can debug this Convertigo stuff.

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    Eric Samson


    First, you should enable the logging system :

    Go to menu Window, then Preferences, then Convertigo Tab, then Studio and enable DEBUG level in ContextManager, Context and Engine:

    Then activate the Eclipse console and select the Engine output.

    This logging level should help you understanding which Screen classes are detected and which transactions are started.

    You can also write traces in the console.
    Just add a new statement into your transaction and use the Log function.

    This should help you finding your problem…

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    Marc Noises

    Hey Eric,
    Thank you for the help on activating the debug info, but unfortunately it didn\’t help finding my bug.

    The situation is as follows:
    I have one search screen class and one result screen class.
    I start on the search screen, supply a search value and click on a button.
    Then I should be supposed to enter the result page but in fact I can see my transaction looping on the first page.
    I cannot understand what is different with your tutorial.


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