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    Dear All,
    I was trying to build the server side code (pulled from Source Forge SVN repo) where I found missing dependencies of several CLASSes. Given here are a few of them.

    I could not see the code present in the codebase and hence am curious to know how to get it or if it is not part of the OSS then where can I have the JAR(s).

    import com.twinsoft.convertigo.engine.parsers.triggers.DocumentCompletedTrigger;
    import com.twinsoft.convertigo.engine.parsers.triggers.ITriggerOwner;
    import com.twinsoft.convertigo.engine.parsers.triggers.TriggerXMLizer;
    import com.twinsoft.convertigo.engine.parsers.AbstractXulWebViewer;
    import com.twinsoft.twinj.iJavelin;
    import com.twinsoft.tas.ApplicationException;
    import com.twinsoft.tas.ParsingException;
    import com.twinsoft.tas.SQLException;





    We are sorry we cannot provide support for this type of questions. Convertigo Build and internal question are only answered within a valid support Contract.
    We will be glad to answer to any question about product usage and application development

    Best Regards,
    Convertigo Support Team.


    I Understood that the codebase that is shared on the public forum (labelled as Opensource) was complete and hence should be able to be built, but as it seems that is not the fact. Just want to know if the shared code is incomplete and there is no way can I build it.




    You should be able to build it, but you definitly will need some support to do that.

    Best Regards
    Convertigo Support Team.

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