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    I would like to upgrade my server to 7.2.5 to 7.3.2.
    I install my server with the 7.2.5 archive and it’s works fine.

    I stop the server and lunch the update from the 7.3.2 archive.
    I respond yes to use the same user and put the same install directory.
    The terminal ask me to replace Files with the newer version. I respond A to accept all modifications.
    I ask to start the server.

    When I go on the HTML interface, I have the 7.3.2 interface, but the version says 7.2.5.
    Also on the JSON web-service transaction, I don’t have the “HTTP pool” option.

    Do you some advice, and/or a documentation on version upgrading ?


    Jean-Baptiste Perrin



    Hello Jean Baptiste.

    The .run archive is not intended to be used to upgrade a server. If you want to upgade your server the best procedure is this one :

    1) Stop the Sever
    2) download the convertigo-7.3.x-vXXXX-linuxXX.war file in a temp directory
    3) go to /opt/<the server install dir>/tomcat/webapps directory
    4) remove the convertigo directory and any .war file present in the webapps directory
    5) copy the downloaded .war file as convertigo.war in the webapps directory
    6) restart the server.

    This will result of having tomcat to redeploy the convertigo.war. As all the data, projects and configurations resides in the workspace , you will not loose your configurations.

    Hope That Helps
    Convertigo Support Team.

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