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    I am currently testing Convertigo, and I have quite a hard time finding the actual Javascript Client Library isolated from any other template.
    Because I intend to use it with some html5-JS game framework (maybe Cocos2d-JS), and the basic mobile project have all this jQuery stuff I don’t need.
    All I want is the strict minimum to use convertigo (so I assume Cordova, but I don’t know if CTF is mandatory too…).

    Any informations is welcome, because Convertigo seems to be the perfect product for my company but the documentation is quite disappointing (or I don’t know how to search stuff…). But how-to videos is great!

    Another non related question : the NoSQL database is for fullsync only? That means that connectors are made for classic SQL databases?

    Thanks a lot!


    Gregory Vorbe

    Hi Niels,

    In a template mobile project you can comment in the following files for minimum project’s requirement:

    • ../../../../css/
    • css/custom.css
    • ../../../../scripts/pouchdb.min.js
    • ../../../../scripts/c8o.fullsync.js
    • ../../../../scripts/c8o.jquerymobile.js
    • ../../../../scripts/ctf.core.js
    • ../../../../scripts/ctf.jquerymobile.js
    • js/custom.js
    • ../../../../scripts/

    JQuery is mandatory.

    Moreover, could you tell us what disappointed you with our documentation? Feedback is important for us to improve things we do.
    Thank you.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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