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    I would like to put the style of my app several SCSS files as a way to keep a maintainable codebase by using a file structure like :
    — button.scss
    — form .scss
    — slider .scss
    — typographe.scss

    Is there a way to get Convertigo to allow me to do that to am I doom to use the style.css file?



    Hello ,

    As Convertigo mobile builder is based on the Ionic 3 framework anything you could do with Ionic can be applied to Mobile Builder.
    It is possible that you can customize the Ionic style.scss to do what you do, but we did not test it ourselves.

    The only thing you have to know is that Mobile Builder will use the ionicTpl folder from the Template project to build the app. (The template property is in the Application Object) If you want to customize the scss file we suggest you duplicate the “mobilebuilder_tpl_7_5_0″ project in “MyTemplate”, then you customize the style.scss in this new template. Last part, select “MyTemplate” in the “template” property of the application object and REFRESH your project !

    Hope That Helps
    Convertigo Support team.



    My question is to know if I can create more than scss files in convertigo folder “NameOfConvertigoProject/ionicTpl/src/theme” in Project Explorer to better organize the code?
    Or I have to declare all my code at ionic.scss and also at variables.scss files?

    Best regards,




    Yes if you do your own template as described above you should be able to do that. Convertigo will compile your scss files.. be sure to use the @import directives in the theme.scss file to include your specific scss files.

    Hope That Helps
    Convertigo Support Team.


    Convertigo Enterprise Mobility Platform 7.5.5 (build 45010) and it is possible to import large symbol files (service uses POST instead of GET) * Fixed: Fixed, Men slim Jacket Copying a Theme bean from a projectA app to a project B app does not NET SDK FullSync replication uses too many sessions and causes licensing issues. visit this link I hope this will helpful for you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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