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    Darren Bryant

    Is there going to be an installer for 7.5.0 on the Windows platform? I have downloaded both the 32 and 64 bit .zip files and tried to extract them using WinZip and Windows Explorer. Both of them fail due to filenames being to long. I tried extracting the files on a W7/64 bit and W10/64 bit computers and both failed.

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    Gregory Vorbe

    Hello Darren,

    There is no installer planned for Win32/Win64 Studio as we now follow Eclipse guidelines.
    We tested zip files on several platforms with no error.
    You may try to unzip in a shorter target directory on the same disk.
    You may also try to unzip using 7zip software.

    Hope it helps.



    Darren Bryant

    I tried unzipping to the root directory of my HDD C:\Conviertigo-mobility-platform-studo and still received an error, so I wound up extracting to C:\cms and moving it to where I wanted from there. Not a very good installation experience.



    Ok Thank you for this feedback..

    The W10 explorer Unzip is very slow and may cause these long file names problem.
    7Zip gives the best results.

    We might use an Autoextractible 7ZIP file in next releases.

    Thank you .
    Convertigo Support Team.


    Darren Bryant

    My company has standardized on WinZip for file extraction/compression and I would rather not install a 3rd piece of software to accomplish a simple task. I received a replacement computer that is running Windows 10 and have the same problem as before, I extracted to C:\cmp but I am unable to move it to my Program Files directory because of the max file length error.




    Yes, WinZip should do the trick too.
    Question; when you try to move from c:\cmp to Program Files, is it one the same disk ( eg: c:\Program files) or on a différent disk?

    By the way, using Convertigo from Program files is not mandatory, you can launch the Studio from any directory.
    Hope That Helps

    Convertigo Support Team


    Darren Bryant

    Yes, I was attempting to move to the same disk. I just created a shortcut to the C:\cmp executable location and run it from there.

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