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    I arrange two Datetimes side by side horizontally.

    The lest datetime is used to retrieve DD/MM/YYYY. The second one is used to give me the HH:mm:ss.

    WHen I click on the one of two datetimes, I get always just HH:mm:ss datatime.


    Thank you.



    Hello Jalal,

    I made a project where two DateTime where side by side just as you told me. With the one on the left using Dates and the second on the right using Hours.
    It worked nicely and it doesn’t seem much of a problem here.

    You can check my project if needed, you will find it on the link below.

    Note that my test project has been made v7.5.3, to open it with a v7.5.2 you need to uncheck “Product version check” in your preferences.
    To do so you have to open Convertigo Studio, then open ‘Window’ => ‘Preferences’ => ‘Convertigo’ => ‘Engine’ => ‘Main parameters’.

    Feel free to come back if you have other questions.



    Hello Alessandro,

    Could you give me the download url of 7.5.3 convertigo version?

    When I look for the that version from I get just 7.5.2 version.

    Thank you.




    The origin of my issue is the choice of the component to build my page.

    I used the div one and in my case the correct choice should be grid, grid rows and grid columns.

    By using divs, the adjacent elements overlap which gave me the result described above : when I click on one element from the two datetimes I got always hours/mintes/seconds by taping on each component.

    The expected values are dattime1=DD/MM/YYYY datetime2=HH:MM:SS.

    Thank you,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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