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    I am trying to download a file through a sequence. What form would be the most appropriate? I just want the file to be accessible through the sequence.
    Thank you.


    Gregory Vorbe


    Do you want Convertigo Server to download a file from outside and have a client app to use this file (for example an Image or a Video)?



    Yes, the idea is to open that image or document from the mobile application. In a browser or webview


    Gregory Vorbe

    To download a file, use an HTTP connector.
    Add an HTTP transaction and set “HTTP data encodding” property to “base64”.
    In a sequence, call the HTTP transaction and use a “Write binary from Base64” step to save locally the file to the server.
    The file can then be accessed by the workspace or project’s URL of the Convertigo server.


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    I already have that sequence, but I want to ensure access to that url, or hide it in some way


    Gregory Vorbe

    What kind of URL do you want to restrict access to?



    We want the sequence to open the file and send me the bytes of the file, to make sure that the user is authenticated in Convertigo. Is there any way to do it in a sequence or is there something? I have seen File Transfer, can it be useful?
    I do not want to be able to access the file without authentication.

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