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    I have a issue with iOS 9 link to the new UIWebView.

    I found a plugin which switch from UIWebVIew to WBWebView (see this for details :,
    which seem to fix the issue from iOS 9 UIWebView.

    But the WKWebView is CORS compliant, which need the Convertigo to be compliant too (the accesstag in the config xml seem not to work).
    Which modication, I have to do for make the Convertigo server CORS compliant ?



    Jean-Baptiste Perrin


    Thomas Bazin


    Is there any answer to this question ? Is it possible to add specific http headers to the response while using the JSON requester ?

    Many thanks.




    Sorry for the late response.. We were investigating about this .

    In Convertigo 7.3.2 there is no way to configure an additional CORS header for response. A this is may usefull it has been inserted in our TODO list. As a workaround it would be probably possibmle to insert this header in an Apache front HTTP server acting as a reverse proxy.

    Hope That Helps
    Convertigo Support Team.


    Hello ,

    you should try our latest release:

    Hope that helps,
    Convertigo Support Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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