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    Nicolas Albert

    Version 7.5.7 of C-EMS is available on SourceForge for download.
    Download now!

    Also available on Docker Hub Official and Convertigo repositories.

    This version is Convertigo 7.5 “Xenon” (see what’s new), with the following new features, improvements and bug fixes:



    • Add a .gitattributes for Windows / MacOS / Linux git collaboration in each template.
    • Cached responses free now quicker sessions and can be optionally cached to memory.
    • Response type can now be configured in the oAuth action when using OpenID type authentications.

    BUGS (11)

    • Fixed, FullSync replication with attachment for Android SDK.
    • Fixed, prevents the alert of locked profile when reopening a Mobile Builder editor.
    • Fixed, migration of SmtpStep “sender” property now add quotes if a symbol is used. (for projects < 7.5
    • Fixed, now accept string value for “c8oGrp” for FullSync documents (with CouchDB 2.x)
    • Fixed, parallel execution of actions using stack[‘…’] parameter
    • Fixed, no more error 400 on FS CopyDocument transaction execution.
    • Fixed, no more error when a sourcepicker opens with a missing referenced project.
    • Fixed, Use the standard Engine property that configures the file cache folder.
    • Fixed, sessions from UrlMapper are now visible in the admin Connection page.
    • Fixed, prevents newest Chrome versions to populate administration console fields with its ‘autofill form’ feature.
    • Fixed, FullSync push replication with attachment for iOS SDK with CouchDB 2.x.
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