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    Nicolas Albert

    Version 7.5.6 of C-EMS is available on SourceForge for download.
    Download now!

    Also available on Docker Hub Official and Convertigo repositories.

    This version is Convertigo 7.5 “Xenon” (see what’s new), with the following new features, improvements and bug fixes:



    • New, a SpeechToText action is now available


    • Evol, added ‘ionClose’ and ‘ionOpen’ menu events for controls
    • Evol, added ‘delay’ and ‘speed’ properties for Animation
    • Evol, GetData action is now supported in Mobile picker
    • New, app global shared object is now supported in Mobile picker

    BUGS (4)

    • Fixed, 7.5.5 introduce a regression about replication of deleted documents.
    • Fixed, prevent unwanted behaviors using Animate action
    • Fixed, Studio does not freeze any more when an object is dragged on a folder.
    • Fixed, project deployment date is now preserved after an Export on server.
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