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    Nicolas Albert

    Version 7.5.5 of C-EMS is available on SourceForge for download.
    Download now!

    Also available on Docker Hub Official and Convertigo repositories.

    This version is Convertigo 7.5 “Xenon” (see what’s new), with the following new features, improvements and bug fixes:



    • Awesome FullSync replication speed on CouchDB 2.x databases.
    • New FullSync Connector property “anonymous replication” : “allow/deny” replication of anonymous sessions
    • Updated Cordova to 8.1.1, Android Platform and related plugins.
    • Handle automatically PWA service worker code and versioning
    • Updated Cordova to 8.1.1, iOS Platform and related plugins.

    BUGS (7)

    • Fixed, prevent Scheduler failure in case of ‘schedule’ with no more future event.
    • Fixed, the ‘connection string’ also override the subpath of HttpTransaction.
    • Fixed, some Mobile Builder component properties cannot be turned “not set”
    • Fixed, doesn’t add extra blank lines when editing Mobile Builder components code.
    • Fixed, doesn’t add extra markers when editing Mobile Builder components code.
    • Fixed, Studio can deploy on a Convertigo server listening at a root path.
    • Fixed, admin console: sorting projects by date is correct now.
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