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    Nicolas Albert

    Version 7.5.4 of C-EMS is available on SourceForge for download.
    Download now!

    Also available on Docker Hub Official and Convertigo repositories.

    This version is Convertigo 7.5 “Xenon” (see what’s new), with the following new features, improvements and bug fixes:



    • Added a Spinner Action bean.
    • Administration console get a new table of active sessions.


    • HashStep has an offset property.
    • Can now edit multiple views of the same design document.
    • lib_Salesforce connector now supports bulk data creation.
    • lib_Salesforce connector now supports bulk data deletion.
    • Symbols sorted alphabeticaly by default with the Admin console.

    BUGS (11)

    • Fixed, project name changed by an import also update mobile builder properties.
    • Fixed, Modifying MobileBuilder ‘Application’ object properties does not fire app viewer rebuild
    • Fixed, added missing properties to the DateTime component
    • Fixed, deployed mobile builder projects remind the default root page.
    • Fixed, handle attachment push from Android SDK with a CouchDB 1.7.1 server.
    • Fixed, case of recreate FS document with same content still deleted.
    • Fixed, cannot restart the Engine in a CORS environment.
    • Fixed, wrong date detection for some log files.
    • Fixed, redirect failure with HTTPS for the HTTP Connector.
    • Fixed, Chart component for mobile builder now supports responsive mode by default and will fit in containers such as grids for better page layouts
    • Fixed, Fullsync _bulk_get protocol for batch replication is now streamed so that client do not timeout anymore waiting for the first byte. This ensures better replication performances.
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