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    Nicolas Albert

    Version 7.4.4 of C-EMS is available on SourceForge for download.
    Download now!

    This version is Convertigo 7.4 “Argon” (see what’s new), with the following new features, improvements and bug fixes:



    • Add a new Main/Advanced property to disable the automatic zip project backup.
    • Fullsync handles groups for authenticated users and documents.


    • Speed up the initial replication of a fullsync database, especially for the fileTransfer feature of the SDK client.
    • The SiteClipper streams resources faster.
    • Add additional CORS headers needed by the Convertigo Angular client.

    BUGS (10)

    • Fixed, in the scheduler admin, editing keep the “sending” variable state
    • Fixed, prevent ConcurrentModificationException on huge server requests.
    • Fixed, readXML schema generation can freeze the studio with too big XML file.
    • Fixed, SubXPath property of multivalued variables also used for variable from JS scope.
    • Fixed, automatically unwrap Native Java Object of many Steps with a JS evaluation.
    • Fixed, allow replication of huge database with thousands of documents.
    • Fixed, the fullsync transaction with the policy “merge” also merge sub-objects
    • Fixed, in Studio the filename of the temporary file for a SequenceJS edition is shortened, so Windows can delete it.
    • Fixed, the URL Mapper handles destruction of contexts.
    • Fixed, prevents a case of IndexOutOfBoundsException when using the admin log viewer.


    Find documentations on our web site: Convertigo Documentation.
    Watch our “Getting Started” videos in the Convertigo Studio Welcome page or in the Developer Network web site: Quick start videos.

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